Sega Games Co., Ltd., originally short for Service Games and officially styled as SEGA, is a Japanese multinational video game developer and publisher headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with offices around the world.Mario is a fictional character in the Mario video game franchise, owned by Nintendo and created by Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto.Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game franchise created and produced by Sega. Sonic is the greatest video game character ever invented. Yahoo fa parte del gruppo Verizon Media. boomstick: What about that supernova thing which is stronger then a kamehameha wave. I think Goku, because he has no weakness. Interlude. Sonic cuz he uses emeralds . Nintendo was once business rivals with Sega; this rivalry peaked during the 16-bit era (the era of the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis). Mario can destroy entire castles as if they are nothing! HERE WE GOOOO!!!!! What strength feats has sonic shown? Many Sonic fanboys claim Sonic could kick Mario's butt, and many Mario fanboys claim vice versa. Wen Mario's weapons wore off, he had no chance against SS4 Goku. but I want to see what you guys think. Mario has been on countless journies, and every single version of Link only really ever goes on a single adventure or two, as most games in the series feature a new Link.This means that no matter the Link that Mario is facing, he's going to have experience over him. 1 decade ago. On the other hand, it would be a whole different story if Sonic was Super Sonic. Who has more fans? There's only one Mario, and he's going on all of his adventures, and he's been at it for years now. Sonic has shown to be able to almost always best Knuckles in combat, while Shadow's frequently caught Sonic off-guard, and Knuckles gave Shadow more of a run for his money than Sonic did, which gives the impression of this sort of rock-paper-scissors dynamic between the three. All he needs is 7 chaos emeralds Sonic Vs. Sans [[File: |210px|]] Season SSS, Episode 6 Vital statistics Air date October 12, 2016 Written by Golden-Sans78 Directed by Unknown Episode guide Previous Next Tails Vs. Proto-Man Fulgore Vs. They've always been at odds but today we're going to put them to the test! Wario is a character that appears in the Mario series. 0 0. Wizard: This is Wizard here with another Death Battle.Boomstick: This time we're making two video game characters fight each to the death! Noi e i nostri partner memorizzeremo e/o accederemo ai dati sul tuo dispositivo attraverso l'uso di cookie e tecnologie simili, per mostrare annunci e contenuti personalizzati, per la misurazione di annunci e contenuti, per l'analisi dei segmenti di pubblico e per lo sviluppo dei prodotti. who is stronger sonic the hedgehog or mario? 11 Answers. Who has more fans? Per consentire a Verizon Media e ai suoi partner di trattare i tuoi dati, seleziona 'Accetto' oppure seleziona 'Gestisci impostazioni' per ulteriori informazioni e per gestire le tue preferenze in merito, tra cui negare ai partner di Verizon Media l'autorizzazione a trattare i tuoi dati personali per i loro legittimi interessi. Puoi modificare le tue preferenze in qualsiasi momento in Le tue impostazioni per la privacy. wiz: Though Mario had an extensive arsenal, it could only keep Goku at bay. Wiz: Mario and Sonic both have amazing skill however they are put to the test by their Strong Rivals who are willing to pound anyone who gets in their way Boomstick: And both are owners of vast treasure and fiercely guard their hoard like Wario Waluigi's smelly Brother . Lv 6. Examples include Sonic's appearance in Donkey Kong Country 2, to the left, and the blue hedgehog enemies of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island called \"Harry Hedgehog\". Per saperne di più su come utilizziamo i tuoi dati, consulta la nostra Informativa sulla privacy e la nostra Informativa sui cookie. Sonic's advangages over Mario: Running, amount of hits before dying (if he has a lot of rings), escaping, lighter. Since Hyper Sonic is stronger than Super Sonic, than it is also stronger than Dark Super Sonic, because Super Emeralds give more power output than Chaos Emeralds do. Subscribe To Top 10 Gaming: vs Sonic. The franchise centers on a series of speed-based platform games. He is Waluigi's partner and the arch-rival of Mario, often serving as an anti-hero or villain in his own right. Super Mario Sonic has speed, Mario has strenght, Mario also can use his other abilites longer than sonic, Mario wins 5/10 But the stance I've taken is that Mario is better not just because his games have been considerably better through the years, but because he could hand Sonic's ass to him. Sonic is ULTIMATE.And mario just runs around all day hitting blocks on his head. The Mirage. Rumble/AnimationRewind Patreon: Rumble G+: design: Art: BGs: Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company headquartered in Kyoto. I think that Mario is stronger, and Sonic is faster. And he can punch out stars and survived Supernovas that destroyed … Well, let's see: Mario's advantages over Sonic: Super Mushrooms, fireballs, flying, hammers, starman, heavier, cool final smash. 0 1? Mario vs Sonic Which Strong Rival to the main Protagonist and Treasure owner will win? I'm a fanboy of neither. And not mario cuz he is fat and looks like a mexican. Favorite Answer. JUST BLOODSHED!!!!! Anonymous. Answer Save. No powerups, no gimmicks, just a fist fight to the death. Bowser is about the size and weight of … Two of the titans of the gaming industry. Opposite to that however, Silver was able to best Sonic in '06, while Shadow was able to best Silver later on in … Developed as a replacement for their existing Alex Kidd mascot, as well as Sega's response to Mario, his first appearance was in the arcade game Rad Mobile as a cameo, before making his official debut in Sonic the Hedgehog (1991). As with Capcom’s storied Resident Evil titles, Sega’s franchise has lost its way a little in recent years. Mario vs Soinc The Hedgehog, Nintendo vs Sega, Video Game Icons. Goku: no weakness, beat the most powerful thing in the world, from the most strongest race the sayins, power level OVA 9,000, can go ssj4 or 5, can use spirit bomb, can use kaio-ken, can use kamehameha Sonic: scared of water (WTH), beat a man that looks like an egg. Relevance. Mario is obviously stronger than sonic. Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog and the main protagonist of the series. Zero Sonic would destroy mario.Sonic can run faster than the speed of sound.Mario is a fat plumber who is slow and stupid. 8 Stronger (Mario Can Defeat Sonic) In Super Mario 64, Mario lifted Bowser and proceeded to hurl him at active mines. I like them both. Mario and Sonic never used to shy away from a challenge in the old days. sonic can turn into super sonic and can use a super sonic strong move! 1 Intro 2 Fight 3 Results 4 Next Time NO RULES!!!!! Where Mario games used to acclimatise the … But both have softened up over the years. Sonic, hedgehogs are pink not blue, and he is even spiky, and whys he wearing shoes. Sonic sighs. Sonic can do speed, and Goku is stronger. Who well win. Sonic is very very very stronger than Luigi! No Opinions only facts. 5 years ago. Both Mario and Sonic have experienced plenty of them over the course of their long careers, but Sonic has definitely suffered more in this regard. He amuses himself with gross humor such as farting and picking his nose. Two famous gaming animal heros. Suddenly Sonic spin dashed at Yoshi knocking him into a nearby tree. Since Mario has more advantages, he probably could beat Sonic. Top 10 Reasons Why Mario Is Better Than Sonic. DBX Sonic was walking thru a unknown place until a egg hit him in the head. sonic is stronger and faster and braver than Luigi. Mario vs Soinc The Hedgehog, Nintendo vs Sega, Video Game Icons. As such, Nintendo and Sega often attempted to put each other down through their games. Informazioni su dispositivo e connessione Internet, incluso l'indirizzo IP, Attività di navigazione e di ricerca durante l'utilizzo dei siti web e delle app di Verizon Media. We're finally giving him his due so we're comparing him against everybody. Mario. Sonic looks behind him to see Yoshi holding a egg with a mad expression on his face. Sonic would DESTROY mario. Add photo 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Thanos 4 Sonic 5 Pre Death Battle 6 Death Battle 7 Poll 7.1 Result Marvel vs Sega, as acquiring multiple gemstones, can acquire powers that rival godly beings, are about to fight to the death. No Opinions only facts. 1 decade ago. wiz: 1. Imagine a fight. Mario.