20 terms. Next, we see Víctor in an odd void with an ugly man. • Tiene ojos verdes y pelo castaño. La vida se me ha pasado. Sr. Wooly - Guapo DRAFT. Starting today, you can finally pre-order my 3rd graphic novel, Me llamo Víctor, Parte 1. STUDY. No extiste la Fuente de la juventud. Hace mucho tienpo, era guapo. Each day I am a little older. You have been assigned 3 nuggets to do. No more wasting time with stand-alone testing! 0% average accuracy. Hombre (played by Roberto Monastero) - debut. • Tú no eres guapo. I will be handsome again, again, again. Add to cart. No me rindo. sometimes. Aunque he perdido casi todo el pelo y el pelo que me queda se me ha puesta canoso, rechazo la idea de ser feo. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. Although my pants are too small and I haven't exercised in more than ten years, I reject the idea of being ugly. Lo pasado, pasado esta. Hasta que me quede calvo. Guapo A A. Guapo. Me llamo Victor Sorry if I spelt most of the words wrong because it kept autocorrecting to English. ¡Sere guapo de nuevo! él piensa que. I don’t need to work Cada dia soy mas viejo. Víctor is then seen walking down through town when he picks up 2 girls. They all walk out as Víctor hands the waiter a bill. Oh no, qué feo Pero muy rara vez llege una opportunidad para empezar de nuevo. brown hair. (Tiene ojos verdes) I am too handsome y ojos pequeños Hace mucho tienpo, era guapo. Sere guapo. I will be handsome again! I reject the idea of being ugly. there's a man. Señor Wooly - A comprehensive and fun web based Spanish language learning tool Me llamo Victor. The fountain of youth does not exist. Hace mucho tienpo, era guapo. I will be handsome again, again, again. y pelo castaño, My name is Victor I will be handsome. Guapo- Sr. Wooly. My name is Victor. Artist: Sr. Wooly; Song: Guapo Spanish . Spell. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. Sere guapo de Nuevo, de nuevo, de nuevo. Next Sometimes I think that How stupid. (¡Qué guapo!) He has since then become a reoccurring character and the focal lead of his own plot, spanning "La Confesión de Víctor" and "Feo" all of the way to "Amnesia". (y pelo castaño) After that, Vícto… Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Report an issue; Host a game. Con tu pelo canoso OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. Jennifer Bilby watches the video. katehudson95. I will be handsome again! Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. ojos verdes. Mi vida era perfecta. Its aforementioned sequel would be released the next day. (Ha!) Cada dia soy mas viejo. O Victor, ¿que Estas haciendo? I don’t give up. (Él no la tiene) It’s not necessary to be funny. If you haven't logged in and created an account, there are instructions under the Señor Wooly tab. Handsome Mi vida era perfecta. They all then laugh pointing out how he doesn't have a personality, something he doesn't need with his looks. I don’t give up. Poor friend (¡Ja!) (He has green eyes) The video showing in the assembly was made by Sr. Wooly, which later introduces the story of Una Cancion Original. Me llamo Victor. Soy guapo, soy muy muy guapo ¡No me rindo! Senor Guapo Lyrics: Tell her got bankroll / I tell her got bankroll / I tell her got bankroll / I tell her got bankroll / Got so much money, I'm a flexer / Need me some money, so I'ma finesse ya / One a veces. Personality? World Languages. Cheri_Yates. Leveled by Individual. I don’t give up. You can’t return to being handsome again. I will be handsome again handsome again! They all proceed to talk about how handsome he is. he's called Victor. 9th - 12th grade . En español:_____ 6. I don't think I can link you to a specific page. Hace mucho tienpo, era guapo. (¡Ja!) Nobody accepts me.